Living on the Hard

We are finally living aboard! The sale of our house was completed before the work on our sailboat, so here we are living on the hard. 

For the next few weeks we will be exploring Rock Hall, MD, “The Pearl of the Cheasepeake”.

Our first weekend in Rock Hall was Memorial Day. Even though we aren’t nearly unpacked we decided to have a weekend of fun.

We met a lovely couple, “Barbie and Ken”. From the moment we met we were birds of a feather.  We drank, we laughed, we ate, and we cruised through the weekend. I’m sure we have many more good times ahead with them. 

We are enjoying every moment we have in Rock Hall. Soon we will be back on green water. 


3 thoughts on “ Living on the Hard

  1. Bubbles and Voodoo meet Barbie and Ken–sounds like an idea for a novel. Can’t wait to read it as it chapter by chapter.


    1. The chapters associated with this time period will have to be audio chapters, full of late night Anchor Drag alarms, Wind Angle alarms, and one smoke farting dink. There is nothing better in life than being a boat Captain.


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