Where it all started

Delphia 40.3
VooDoo being drawn to her like a magnetic force

    It was a beautiful October day at the sailboat show in Annapolis, Maryland. We had joked about buying a boat that morning, but we never thought it would happen. Then we saw her, she was the most beautiful boat at the show. When we stepped on her we knew, we felt home. VooDoo went over almost every inch of her bow to stern. We continued around the show but kept comparing all other yachts to her. She was perfect! So we went back.  VooDoo scribbled down a number in  pink pen on a scrap of paper, our offer.  In VooDoo’s traditional “Wolf of Wall Street fashion”  one long shot offer, no negotiations. That’s when the fight for our dream started.  


    7 thoughts on “Where it all started

    1. I had the fantastic opportunity to meet Bubbles and Voodoo this week. They came into our Brigantine NJ Ace Hardware store. What a joy!! They made my last day there(for the flower season) a very special day. Envious of their journey,,We can only dream. Godspeed you guys,,be safe,,Gail

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